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A Paradise for hikers, bird watchers and wildlife lovers


Seasons take hold of the land, letting it exhale at different paces, which makes hiking around our property a singular experience at any time of year. In springtime, wildflowers quickly transform the scenery left by mild winters, abundantly covering the fields. Summer is golden hot, with fields of wheat only dotted by cork and holm oaks. Autumn and winter are crowded with about one hundred different species of birds, making the Alentejo a paradise for birdwatchers.   

See below our full list of the birds which have been spotted on our land.


purperreiger - purple heron

ooievaar - white stork

grijze wouw - black shouldered kite

sperwer - eurasian sparrowhawk

dwergarend - booted eagle

witgat - green sandpiper

turkse tortel - collared dove

zomertortel - turtle dove

houtduif - wood pigeon

gierzwaluw - common swift

bijeneter - european bee-eater

theklaleeuwerik - thekla lark

boerenzwaluw - barn swallow

roodstuitzwaluw - red rumped swallow

huiszwaluw - house martin

roodborsttapuit - common stonechat

merel - blackbird

pimpelmees - blue tit

koolmees - great tit

zwarte spreeuw - spotless starling

wielewaal - golden oriole

blauwe ekster - azure winged magpie

raaf - common raven

huismus - house sparrow

vink - chaffinch

groenling - greenfinch

putter- goldfinch

kneu - linnet

grauwe gors - corn bunting

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