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A yoga vacation is a holiday for people who want to incorporate a yoga and meditation practice as part of their daily routine while away from home. Yoga is usually the focus of the trip, however, there are other activities available such as: massage, Reiki, swimming, hiking, cycling, beach excursions or simply relaxing with a good book.  A yoga vacation will help you discover the many benefits of practicing yoga and meditation regularly. These can include: greater self-awareness, balanced energy levels, more restful sleep, increased resilience to stress, healthier digestion and an increased sense of well-being.  All the classes at Antara are optional, so you may choose to do as much or as little as you like during your stay.  A Yoga Vacation is all about you and your wellness.

A Yoga Vacation includes:

Ensuite accommodation with private entrance

Daily delicious and nutritious buffet breakfast

Then you choose the rest:

Morning Meditation followed by a Yoga Class

Early Evening Yoga Class    

Massage & Reiki Treatments 

Private Yoga Class or Yoga Program

Private Meditation or Meditation Program

Bicycle Hire

Horseback Riding


To book your Yoga Vacation, or for a quotation, please click here


Contact us today and let us help you pre-plan the perfect Yoga Vacation for you!



Personal Time
A Yoga Vacation will provide you with the opportunity to stop, relax and listen to your needs.  Often the basic conditions which contribute to our general wellness are overlooked as we become "caught up” or stuck  in our daily lives and routines. Focusing on YOU TIME means finding stillness, taking a break from screens, exercising or resting when needed, and discovering some of the many excellent ways there are to manage stress. 

No Pressure
During your stay, there is no pressure to do or see anything, in fact, we encourage our guests to leave the outside world behind, and instead focus on doing less and being fully present more. Sure, we offer Yoga classes and plenty of other interesting activities but you will never be questioned or given a hard time at Antara for not participating or sleeping in, because we understand that you know yourself best.

Find Balance
When you have more free time and less demands, it feels a lot more natural to pause, breathe deeply and take care of yourself.  Tending to your needs is a little like keeping a garden. A beautiful garden requires regular attention watering, weeding, pruning, repotting and replacing in order for it to flourish.  Almost constant attention is required to achieve a fine, delicate balance and our individual wellness is very much the same.  As every garden is unique, so is every-body and this is why we offer different activities for our guests to pursue in order to restore balance in their lives. Let us help you rediscover your well-being.

Why Yoga

Yoga is a science that ticks all of the boxes and makes you feel good all round!  With regular practice your experience of life is enhanced leaving you feel more at peace, in better health, more enthusiastic for life and with an ever increasing genuine sense of well-being.  We would like all of our guests to experience the natural joy of being- Happiness! This is why we decided to unite Yoga and Vacations in Portugal.

A Yoga Vacation may help highlight areas in your life which are working well, need more attention or are in need of a complete overhaul. Taking time away from day-to-day life, may  help you gain clarity, and find the answers you’ve been searching for in order for you to live your most conscious, meaningful and authentic life. 

Begin a Yoga Practice or Deepen an Existing Practice
If you have a busy work schedule and home life, taking to your mat can be challenging, so choosing a Yoga Vacation will help you kick-start a regular practice or enable you to deepen your existing practice.  Antara offers classes twice daily, so you will quickly be able to see and feel the positive effects of yoga and observe your progress.

Private Yoga or Meditation Classes


If you are looking to:  Deepen your understanding of the practice, have a class crafted to your specific needs  or take a therapeutic approach to your Yoga, then private lessons may be for you. 


Click here to find out more about private classes or yoga and meditation programs

Example Yoga Vacation Day:

7:00am: Hot or cold lemon infused water & mineral rich, Portuguese salt

7:30am: Meditation 

8am: Yoga 60 to 75 minutes


9:30am: Healthy Buffet Breakfast: a variety of delicious fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurt, free range eggs, home made breads & jam, local honey,  fresh juice, tea and coffee.

11.30am: Free time / beach excursions / massage treatments / reading/ journaling/ resting / swimming / walking / cycling 

2pm:  Light lunch or snack in the cafe *

3pm:  More free time 

6pm:  Calm Evening Yoga class  

7:30pm:  Evening meal *

9pm: Star gazing

10pm:   Journalling and Bedtime

* Not included in price: a la carte drinks and snacks, lunch or dinner, yoga classes, excursions or other activities.

*Lunch and dinner available only from June-October

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