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Sponsorship and Donations

Why Contribute

Antara Retreat launched the "Honey With Hope" initiative in an effort to help healthy bee colonies thrive within a sustainable, productive and natural environment because our team care about the survival of the bees and the crucial role they play in our lives.

The project is focused on increasing and maintaining beehives within our region, and saving the black bees.  In order to achieve a reasonable result, equipment, resources and time must be dedicated to set up and maintain a sizable apiary (a location where hives of honeybees are kept). Your support can have an impact in the success of this initiative.  Sponsoring a beehive or making a donation to this initiative will not only help maintain a balanced ecosystem in this part of the world, you will also be contributing to the development of bee colonies worldwide and preserving the planet.

"Honey With Hope" offers a three fold way of helping the environment and yourself:

1. You increase the number of pollinators in the area. 
Providing more pollinators (insects visiting flower to flower) means more fruit and vegetables growing which helps gardeners and farmers produce more food. An increase in pollinators helps wild animals and birdlife relying on wild fruit, nuts and roots.

2. You spread awareness about the honey bees plight.

Sponsoring a beehive will help (through word of mouth) create more attention about the importance of bees and the significance of decreasing populations and the implications.  Encouraging bee communities and honey production increases the  knowledge of the health benefits of pure honey and its byproducts.  

3. You will support a worthy cause 
When you sponsor a "Honey with Hope" hive, or you make a donation to this cause, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are helping the bees and the planet.  A new study has confirmed that having a altruistic purpose is beneficial for your mental health, It is proven also to be good for your overall health, longevity and (recently discovered) possibly your genes. To be part of something larger might be one of the best things we can do for others and ourselves. 

                                                                             Ways to Contribute

If you would like to participate in this project you may do so in the following 3 ways:

1. Sponsor a Hive:

Sponsoring a beehive is an essential part of this project.  If you decide to become a sponsor we will send you regular updates on the evolution of your colony by email or in social media. You will also receive honey once your hive starts production. 

Your Sponsorship buys:

- a Brood box, where the Queen bee develops her colony
- a Super box, where the workers store the honey
- Personalised name(s) or initials painted on the hive 
- 15 frames with wax, which are the 'working' components of the beehive.

Within the beehive there is a colony which consist of 3 frames of eggs, larva and brood, 

2 frames of food for the bees (honey and pollen) and one Queen bee.

Cost:  120€


*Please note that bees are vulnerable to the weather, predators and disease. We cannot guarantee when your colony will produce honey but it is all set up to do so.


2.  Donations:

Donations will help with the yearly maintenance of the colonies and beehives.  The funds will buy medicine, food, equipment and general maintenance material for the colonies in the apiary. Well maintained hives keep the colonies healthy and encourage reproduction which results in increased honey production. 

To make a donation, please click here


3.  Buy Honey With Hope:

When you buy products from our apiary you are directly contributing to the health, colonisation and prosperity of the bees. "Honey With Hope" guarantees all proceeds are returned to the project.  Purchasing our edibles (honey, propolis, pollen) and byproducts we guarantee that all the goods will not contain additives of any kind.  Using raw products  will help increase our local bee population and encourage others to support bee communities.

For more information about sponsorship, donations or to know more about the project,

please write to us at . 

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