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The Property.
The rented house is a typical “ Monte” house which can be found in the Alentejo.  The home comfortably sleeps 16 people, with the option of adding a few extra beds for larger families or groups. The rooms offers comfort, tranquility and privacy. The outside salt water swimming pool is surrounded by games, an outdoor cafe and a large property which you are free to explore.
The White Room

With a simple and charming design, the room offers comfort and tranquility, so you may unwind and enjoy the slow pace of the countryside.

The Blue Room

A small, cozy and calm room, with a lovely terrace where you may relax and enjoy a good book.

The Green Room 


With typical hand painted furniture, this room offers a glimpse of Alentejano antiquity.

The Yellow Room 

A simple, rustic room with smooth, hand-carved wooden furniture and a garden view.

Corner Suite 

Two adjoining rooms offering comfort for a family, or two couples, allowing you space to unwind and enjoy country life all together.  

Family Suite 

Two adjoining rooms offering comfort for a family or group of four or five. Relax by the pool with a freshly pressed juice and a good book

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