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Daily Yoga and Meditation Classes 

Yoga classes at Antara take place twice daily and are multi-level so everyone is welcome to join and practice at their own pace. Classes are held either on the poolside terrace or in the big barn down the lane. Yoga mats, blocks, straps and meditation cushions are provided.  

7:30 a.m. Meditation

A 30 minute morning meditation is available for all guests free of charge from 7:30-8am. The practice is part guided and part silent.

8 a.m. Yoga Class 
This 75 minute practice is either classical Hatha or  Vinyasa Flow yoga.  The classes aim to increase flexibility, build strength and stamina and detoxify the body.  Participants may look forward to a balanced sequence which includes asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing) and savasana (relaxation).  Regular practice moving your body in/out of postures, while being aware of your breath and the activity of your mind, leaves you whole, complete and at peace.

6 p.m. Yoga Class

Evening classes are calm and slow. You can expect either gentle Hatha, Yin or Restorative yoga to wind down the day.  75 minutes to connect with your breath, body and mind, often holding each of the postures for several minutes. By slowing down the pace, and listening to what your body desires rather that what your mind demands, you will have time to explore, lengthen and soften tissue which may have become tough, resistant and multi-layered over the years.  This class compliments the more active morning class as well as other sports and exercise practiced throughout the day.


May your practice offer you insight, clarity and inspiration in all areas of your life.  




Private Yoga

A private yoga session, is all about you! Your session will be customized to fit your needs based on a discussion about your personal health history (injuries, physical limitations or health conditions), and an assessment of your goals.

During your session the teacher will  be able to observe how you move, breathe and balance while you practice.  They will learn which positions challenge you as well as those which come more naturally to you, and which areas of the practice may need more or less attention. A one-to-one yoga class is the creation of a practice that is tailor made for you! 

Practitioners may use private classes to go deeper in any one or all areas of practice: asana, pranayama, concentration or meditation.  Opting for a one-to-one class gives you time to raise questions and even discuss challenges in your life which concern you.  Yoga provides not only a full physical workout, it can also have therapeutic value and transformational power. With a regular yoga practice, you may be able to find the strength, confidence, presence, and discipline to change your life for the better. 

A Private Class with an experienced, certified yoga teacher costs €50 (75-90 minutes)

A Yoga Program costs €175 and includes 4 private classes and a customized sequence for you to take home.

If you are interested in discussing or scheduling a Private Class or a Yoga Program during your stay, please send us an email. 

Why take a Yoga Vacation
If you enjoy spending time away living in a relaxed and comfortable environment with ample opportunity to rest, practice yoga, meditate, enjoy nutritious food and of course, have fun doing things that make you feel good, then a yoga vacation may be the choice for you!

What if I don’t like yoga?
Even if you have no intention of practicing yoga, or you try a class and decide that you don’t like it,  there are plenty of other activities and ways to relax at the centre. Please ask if you are looking for inspiration as we are always pleased to share our ideas and knowledge about the local area.

What if I’m new to yoga?

If  you are completely new to yoga and meditation there are plenty of good reasons why taking a Yoga Vacation might be a good choice for you.  These include:

~  Become Fit and Healthy

~  Learn to Manage Stress

~  Build Strength & Flexibility 

~  Improve Concentration & Sleep Quality

~  Meet new friends

~  Find Greater Peace and Joy in Life

And what if I already practice or have done so in the past?

That’s the best thing about yoga; there’s always something new to learn!  A Yoga Vacation may also be helpful if you have practiced yoga in the past and would like to renew your commitment to yoga.  Or perhaps you are already a seasoned yogini or yogi and are looking to further your practice. Book a stay at the retreat and let our experienced teachers support, guide and encourage you on your path towards optimal health.


"Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.”  B.K.S. Iyengar


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