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About Us

What is ANTARA Retreat? Who are we?
"Allow your mind to see more deeply into the nature of reality..."

Many people who go on retreats feel more grounded, calmer and in touch with themselves. Those who go on retreat regularly find these qualities pervading the rest of their lives, and can live more and more from their human potential. 

Going on retreat give you the opportunity to share time, and inspiration with like minded people from all walks of life. Many people find that a sense of community develops as a retreat progresses and lasting friends. 

Retreats are not 'holidays' but are an opportunity to deepen your awareness of yourself, other people and the world around you. They give you space to clarify what is essential in your life. And as such, a retreat can be a challenging, LIFE CHANGING


Richard and Melissa, the founder of Antara Yoga & Welleness Retreat have bring their own experience from around Asia and India to Portugal at the family property in Alentejo. 


"People are disconnected to the reality and to the essential of life because of work and technology. Having more stressful life, more responsibilities and no more time to connect with the real life. Connecting with others, with family, with nature and principally with ourself became more important that ever."  

With the help of our Family and Team we would like to propose to our guest an experience of a new life style. To learn back the essential way of to be. To be ourselves  to take time to reflect, to take time to see around us and to enjoy the simple things as the nature, to take time to lessen others and to connect. To learn how to relax and to meditate on ourselves...

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